Conscious Breathing.

Towards becoming a breath wizard…

“A true sage breathes from the heels, everyone else breathes from the throat.”
-The Book of Chuang Tzu

“What is used in normal daily life is the Unconscious Breathing.  But just using the Unconscious Breathing, the simple movement of the lungs, does not bring a person into strength and health.  You are sure to become sick or even die.  And so you have to move into Conscious or Mindful Breathing.”      –Watazumido-so Roshi

This is a low intensity, very basic introduction to Conscious and Correct Breathing.

To consciously breathe is simple and powerful.  The benefits are wide ranging and can include general well-being, clarity, a sense of fulfillment, and sometimes a return of sanity.  The practice, though simple, can be elusive and usually requires self-discipline and some guidance at least at the beginning.

Should this basic introduction lead to greater involvement, there are many other formal breathing practices (offered elsewhere) to choose from as well, and a brief description and selected bibliography is offered with this introductory method.

Choose a 4 or 8 part (weekly) course at my studio, your home, or over Skype.
The basic content is preset but easily modifiable for specific needs/goals of each practitioner.