Studio Recording.

To license an existing composition or recording, to request specific session work, or to commission a new composition, write to cb [at] corneliusboots [dot] com. ¬†Click on the “Albums” and “Films” links above for selected past work.

Instrument and vocal specialties for session work are:

bamboo transverse flutes (Em, Bm alto, Em bass)
shakuhachi (Japanese, Zen Buddhist root-end flutes) D, A alto
Taimu shakuhachi (a wide-bore, bass variant of shakuhachi) descending Ab,G,F#,F half-#,F
throat singing: Tuvan style (kagyraa only) root note range from F# down to Bb
Tibetan chant style (imitation of Gyuto, Gyume, Shartse Gelugpa monks)
root note range from B down to very low Eb